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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is EARTHLY For The Planet?
    EARTHLY For The Planet is sustainable fashion with a twist. We only make clothing out of previously owned and preworn materials, rather than starting from the beginning and creating our own fabrics. Although these options are good, our main goal is to close the clothing loop entirely, by starting with textile waste and other materials that already exist (that you lovely human beings send into us) to save unwanted items from ending up in landfills.
  • How do you ship my purchase?
    We charge a flat fee of $5 for orders shipped throughout the US and $8 for orders shipped internationally and ship through the USPS.
  • Can I reach out about custom orders if I provide the fabric?
    Yes, absolutely! You can reach out about custom orders, no matter what the circumstance. We can make items from pieces/materials that you already own and want transformed or from materials that we already have in stock. It's really up to you ;) either way, you're still helping us save the planet.
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