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Our Story

What began as a college honors thesis became EARTHLY For The Planet, the brand that transforms your pre-owned clothing into amazing new pieces. We believe in creating one-of-a-kind zero-waste sustainable fashion for everyone, with people and the planet in mind.

See where it all began...

The initial campaign was created with 20 models featuring Michelle Mischler's designs, made out of recycled materials.

These mockup landing pages and social media posts were created to display the diversity and inclusivity that EARTHLY strives to achieve. The photoshoot was completely sustainable and zero-waste as well.

Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 11.01.03
Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 11.00.47

Sustainability should be accessible to all.

Diversity & Inclusivity

Here at EARTHLY For The Planet, we believe that sustainable fashion should be accessible to everyone, including all genders, races, sizes, ages, abilities, sexualities, and socioeconomic statuses.

We are committed to representing, supporting, and amplifying the voices of underrepresented communities through our models and content.

We donate a portion of each sale to organizations that work to make the world a better place, especially those dedicated to Black Lives Matter, environmental causes, and international relief funds.

Lebanese Red Cross Logo
Our first donation as a brand was sent to the Lebanese Red Cross to support those affected by the explosion.

How do we save the planet? Glad you asked.


Closing the Loop

From our design and production to our packaging.

EARTHLY For The Planet strives to close the clothing loop at every step in our production process, with the ultimate goal of reducing the amount of clothing waste in landfills. We take the clothing you don't want to make it into something beautiful (and recycled). All of our packaging materials are made out of recycled materials as well, so you can recycle and reuse them instead of tossing them out.

Producing Our Items

Saving previously owned materials from ending up in landfills, one item at a time.

Every one of our items is transformed from materials that were previously owned or worn. Cool, right? We pride ourselves on using every scrap of fabric and piece of hardware possible when making our items as a part of our effort to close the clothing loop.


Our Shipping Process

Packaging made from recycled materials to be recycled.

We use 100% recycled polymailers to ship our items to all of you! We handwrap each item in recycled tissue paper or newspaper and close it up with a sticker printed on recycled paper. Every part of our production process focuses on reducing waste and keeping materials out of landfills. We also wait to ship out orders until we have multiple items to drop off (reducing our carbon footprint ;)) and ship through USPS to keep shipping costs down for you. <3

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