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We at EARTHLY For The Planet pride ourselves on serving people and the planet, but we can only do so much by keeping waste out of landfills. From the start of our brand we decided to take things a step further and have donated 10% of all of our profits to social justice and environmental organizations that can use the money to make a difference in more direct ways.

How We Help People and the Planet

Since our start in July 2020, we've donated $1387.32.

Check out some of the awesome organizations we've donated to below:

  • ACLU

  • Lebanese Red Cross

  • The Trevor Project

  • Ukraine

  • Everytown for Gun Safety

  • Solidarity Appeal Pakistan

  • One Tree Planted

  • Planned Parenthood

  • Cooperation Jackson

  • Lupus Foundation

  • National Network of Abortion Funds

  • Stop AAPI Hate

  • Texas Relief Funds

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