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Closing the Loop

Now you may be wondering...what do we mean by closing the loop?

We believe that EARTHLY For The Planet can only be truly sustainable if we prevent clothing waste from going to landfills and continuously keep it that way.

To do this, we only use secondhand materials to create our pieces and ask that when you're finished with an EARTHLY piece, you send it back to us to retransform.


Here's how you can contribute!


As a part of our commitment to closing the fashion loop, EARTHLY For The Planet accepts donations of any fabrics and materials (within reason) from customers, in exchange for 20% off your next purchase. You get a reward for not throwing out your clothing and we get more material to make our unique upcycled and handmade's a win-win!

We accept basically everything, but here are our conditions...

  • Make sure the items are clean and sanitary before you give them to us.

    • NO BODILY FLUIDS (yes it has happened, no we don't want to talk about it)​

  • If you wouldn't feel right donating the item to a thrift store, don't give it to us.

    • Things that are too far gone to donate are too far gone for us (esp. with excessive staining and discoloration)​

  • Please please please please please please please don't give us your underwear (seriously don't)

    • We are also not accepting socks.​

  • Go through your items before you send them and make sure you're not giving us items that belong in the trash​​.

    • Examples: used paper towels/tissues, dirty washcloths/makeup pads (​once again, it has happened and we don't want to talk about it)

Custom Orders

See something you like but not in the exact size, style, or color you want?

Send us an email at, and we'll work with you to create the perfect custom item for you.

Or do you have an item of your own that you want remade into something new?

Here are some of the custom pieces we've created so far...

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